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  1. Women vs Men!
  2. How early do you have to get up in the morning?
  3. Some interesting facts about sex!
  4. The infamous ex-call?
  5. Yoga gives you a better sex life!
  6. Women drawn to men with muscles
  7. Men and women - how do you like them?
  8. A introduction to the Kama Sutra
  9. Marriage-Minded Women Focus on Men's Faces
  10. Young men and women agree on top reasons for sex
  11. 7 secrets for a successful relationship
  12. What makes someone sexy?
  13. The Top 10 Weirdest and Funniest Japanese Condoms
  14. Facts you didn't know :)
  15. If someone cheats on you....
  16. Quick Facts: Relationships And Sex
  17. Do you kiss on your first date?
  18. Would you date your friends ex?
  19. Have you read the KS? :)
  20. Craigslist Meets WallStreet…Classic
  21. NEVER EVER Marry a Programmer
  22. The Kama Sutra – Sensual massage
  23. Information about various massage oils
  24. Sex and sports - a good combination or not?
  25. The Kama sutra – Kissing
  26. The Girl Crush Phenomenon
  27. The Kama Sutra - Erogenous Zones
  28. Lost all interest in sex..
  29. The Kama Sutra - Biting
  30. 27 Things Most Girls Don't Know
  31. 45 things a girl wants but wont ask..
  32. What are your plans for valentines day?
  33. A little info about Tantric sex
  34. Spanking may lead to sexual problems
  35. Here is a first date checklist!
  36. What age difference is too much?
  37. What men look for in women! Agree?
  38. Blondie, brunette or...
  39. Grey, blue, green, hazel or brown eyes?
  40. Sexy hairstyle?
  41. Part 1: The difference between men and women
  42. Part 2: Men & Women - Expression and information
  43. Part 3 - For men: Scoring points
  44. Part 4 - The power of love
  45. Top 10 Things You Should Not Say To A Woman During An Argument
  46. Top 8 Things You Should Not Say To A Guy
  47. This is what you should do for your woman
  48. Follow-up: This is what you should do for your woman
  49. Really bad pick-up lines!
  50. Hugging and kissing fights stress
  51. Cute? :)
  52. The effect love has on you
  53. Infectious Happiness
  54. Challenges in a relationship
  55. 6 amazing places where people had sex, alone or with partners
  56. Relax with Christmas sex!
  57. Women with or without make-up?
  58. Yoga and sex