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  1. How often do you work out in a week?
  2. Is there a magic routine?
  3. Facts about sets & reps!
  4. Information about SET series & variations!
  5. Exercise directory thread!
  6. Why you should consider weight training!
  7. Workout accessories and lifting weights.
  8. What accessories do you use when lifting weights?
  9. Machines or Freeweights?
  10. Name your favorite exercise with weights!
  11. Favorite exercises without weights?
  12. Women Sensitive About Their Appearance Prefer Exercise To Emphasise Health, Not Looks
  13. Team up or workout alone?
  14. How often do you take a week off?
  15. Dumbells or barbells?
  16. What does your warm-up process look like?
  17. How many kilos is one pound?
  18. I joined 60 minutes of hell :)
  19. Special shoes for spinning class?
  20. Buy dumbells / barbells for home use.
  21. 24/48 hour rest period
  22. Another question about the rest period
  23. I want a bigger butt..how?
  24. My first class earlier today :)
  25. Difference between your squat and bench?
  26. what are power cleans?
  27. The military press, good or bad?
  28. biceps and triceps or triceps and biceps?
  29. What makes you mad at the gym?
  30. Do you add momentum during your lifts?
  31. Training phrases that "trigger" you.
  32. Do you count the bar weight?
  33. What are your thoughts on training to failure?
  34. New to the Gym? Don't Make These Eight Mistakes
  35. What's best for gaining muscle size?
  36. What is a drop set?
  37. I tried the cable cross....
  38. Smith machine, yes or no?
  39. Squats and depth
  40. Various squat alternatives
  41. Mistakes you don't want to see at the gym!
  42. Incline bench question..
  43. If you were a gym newbie again...
  44. How many reps do you do?
  45. What gym equipment.....
  46. How do I get bigger lats?
  47. Is it wrong to lift twice a day?
  48. Gym gloves
  49. How long is your workout?
  50. What's your favorite biceps exercise?
  51. What's your favorite triceps exercise?
  52. What's your favorite back exercise?
  53. What's your favorite chest exercise?
  54. Any exercisers dream - Polar FT80!
  55. How do you shred fat?