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  1. Post your suggestions here..
  2. Live chat?
  3. The star system?!
  4. Fitbux shop?
  5. Sub forum for lifestyle topics?
  6. Add another color theme :)
  7. Recent Thread Prefix Implementation
  8. Username color change?
  9. What about a new post search?
  10. A big thank you to FR!
  11. What about a frontpage messagebox?
  12. Blog comments in member profile?
  13. Table icon functionality?
  14. Is there a image gallery on this forum?
  15. Just thought I'd let you know that..
  16. A quick link to our favorite threads?
  17. Forum to cover full page?
  18. About the thread icons..
  19. Gender under post count?
  20. Is it me or is it snowing? :P
  21. Make snow more visible :)
  22. A different MOTM vote system
  23. I love the postbit member info design..
  24. I LOVE the new post icons!
  25. A little feedback from me - ....
  26. How do you like the tabbed layout?
  27. Option to change profile colors..
  28. A summer theme..
  29. I noticed the new icons...
  30. What about a summer theme?
  31. Mail when new posts are made?
  32. Social Groups
  33. Adding new information in a thread!